Forum Updated

The forum has been upgraded, along with a new style that should be more responsive to varying screen or window sizes, including a mobile version of the forum that should hopefully make navigating through it on a phone or small tablet less of a hassle (I know, about time, right?).

[size=120]Coming Up[/size]
We will also be shuffling some boards around and merging others that have historically seen little use. This change will be rolled out some time this week.

[size=120]RSS (Atom) Feeds[/size]
If you have been subscribing to areas of the forum using RSS or Atom-based feed readers, you may find that your feeds stop working with this update. In the past we used an unofficial patch to add these feeds to the forum, but in the latest version of phpBB, a simple feed system is provided, using the Atom protocol.

Your web browser should display available feeds, but specifically how it does so will vary depending on the browser.

[size=110]Useful Global Feeds[/size]

  • News: receive official news from L&L via the Announcements board.
  • New Topics: lists the most recent posts made, forum-wide.
  • Active Topics: lists all posts that have had recent discussion within them.

[size=110]More Specific Feeds[/size]
If you wish to subscribe to only one forum in general, or even a single topic, then navigate to that location and you will find the relevant link added to the browser’s feed list for the page you are viewing.