Fountain Screenplay Import: Notes and Boneyards

When my .fountain file is imported, it’s great, but I would like to jettison [[ notes ]] and /* boneyard */ comments when printing (which is the only way I can see to export to PDF) rather than having them appear in the output. Is there an option to do this?

Hmm, the importer should already be handling these forms of notation correctly, by converting them to Scrivener’s native commenting and text removal marking features. Bracketed notes will come in as inline annotations, and boneyards will be detected and their text struck-through. This is also a functional form of formatting, as you will find an option to delete struct-through text in the same compile tab.

Maybe you aren’t actually compiling though? You make mention of “printing”, which might just mean the simple ⌘P facility meant for quick proofs? The software certainly creates PDF files natively, without printing. Given this all might be unfamiliar territory:

  1. Use File ▸ Compile…
  2. Change Compile for: PDF at the top.
  3. On the right-hand side are the option tabs, click General Options (gear shape).
  4. Ensure Remove annotations is checked (it is by default).
  5. Set Delete struck-through text as well.