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Hi everyone,

I’ve used Scrivener to produce my first novel.

The Aduramis Chronicles: Destiny of the Wulf.

Available on Amazon. … 00736E83E/ … 00736E83E/

This, among others, is a tale penned by a wise, old scribe named Vinchenza Aduramis, who began to chronicle the history of his home and surrounding planets known locally as Rinoch’s Belt.

The most respected and revered scribe of his day, volume one, is a morsel of that which he wrote about his home world, Er’ath, as witnessed during turbulent times.

Brothers Coinin and Marrok share a common destiny. Follow their plight as they do battle with goblins, giants, and Death, to save their home from certain destruction.

Lies and treachery haunt them, and even their very relationship is under threat as they hunt the key to saving the planet…


Harrison Davies

Greeting and welcome aboard Scrivener…a barren and disease ridden world…!
Congratulations and good luck with The Aduramis Chronicles:

Take Care

Thanks kindly…Scrivener really does help, and makes getting your book online to Amazon easy. Compile, upload…end of story!

Thanks for your generosity Harrison. I downloaded your book to my iPad and will start reading it soon.

Thanks, Chris