Free Homes for Writers

I seem to be on a free binge today. Someone posted to that Teleread story about free Amtrack tickets for writers a link to a plan to create a writer’s colony in Detroit with free homes. … in-detroit

Here’s a link to Write a House itself:

They mention being open to writers from anywhere, not just the U.S.

Yes, I know. This is Detroit where the average response time to a 911 call is about an hour. The city is bankrupt, so public services are dismal. You’d need to be able to look out for yourself and perhaps pay particularly attention to being part of a colony of writers close together. Then again, with the home essentially free and perhaps enough land for a little garden, your living expenses would become very low. And if you want a dark and gloomy place in which to write end-of-civilization epics or zombie wars, you couldn’t find a better place.

And if the plan does well and builds a safe community, after perhaps five years or so, you might sell that free home for enough to make a good start toward buying a home someplace a bit less stressful. Also, keep in mind that at its peak Detroit was one of the wealthiest cities in the country, so beneath a dilapidated exterior might actually lie a quite nice home waiting to be set free.

Time magazine has pictures of the city’s magnificence even in decay: … 89,00.html

–Mike Perry

Interestingly enough, there is another bankrupt U.S. entity that is thinking of offering free writer’s residency, for a few days anyway, as you take Amtrak across the continent. They are only in the planning phase, it may never even pan out, but at least one pair of journalists has taken a pilot trip.

Those who’re thinking of moving to Detroit for free or almost free house, might want to go here: … ormations/

It has pictures from Google Street View showing just have far down some neighborhoods have gone in the four years from 2009 and 2013.

Here’s one remark:

Keep in mind that the impact of this urban decay and desertion isn’t uniform. Some neighborhoods are staying the same and a few may even be improving.

You can find more pictures here:


“Vacation home” isn’t the first thought that comes into my mind when I think of Detroit, but here’s an article on just that: … te-of-mind

At least it’s likely to be a cheap vacation home. Just don’t bother to call 911 if there’s trouble.


re/code has an article on a small core of mostly young software developers who, attracted by the cheap, decaying, but once elegant housing, are moving into Detroit: … n-detroit/


The downside of a Detroit’s cheap homes is that it’s not only a city of crooked politicians, there are other crooks lurking, ready to take advantage of those wanting a home of their own. Here is one story. … id=2379234

–Mike Perry

It is very interesting one.I want to be there.I saw your link.It was amazing.Actually the writers want silence for their writing.They want cool atmosphere for their creativity.So its really good free homes for writers.

Publishers Weekly just released an article about those once-free homes for writers in Detroit. Now they are to be rent-free. … house.html

Just keep in mind there’s a downside to living in Detroit.

I think it’s great that the ownership of the houses remains with Write a House, keeping them available for whole new batches of writers.
Is there something similar in the UK? I have the beginnings of a story set in the UK and would love the chance to be within the environment.
Not for a while though.
Keep up the good work Write a House.