Free O'Reilly Book on iBooks Author

I know know about you, but I find iBooks Author less than intuitive and the documentation Apple supplies with it woefully lacking. And yes, I could spend hours figuring out how it works by trial and error, but I always find myself doing something else.

I don’t know why O’Reilly is doing this, but I’ve started to discover that some of their excellent reference books are free. Perhaps that’s their way of drawing us into their geeky fold. One of those free books is Publishing with iBooks Author, which you can find here:

And if you’re interested in the publishing side of writing, here’s the free book I heard about in a podcast that led to my discovering the IBA book. It’s called Best of TOC 2012. TOC is their annual Tools of Change conference to take about how technology is transforming publishing. I’ve never been able to afford going, so it’s great to be able to get the best for free.

And since I’m hyping their free books, perhaps I should at least point out one that’s $10 and might be of interest to Scrivener users: Take Control of Scrivener 2.

You do have to give contact information to download any of their books, but if what you’re buying is free, they don’t ask for credit card information.

I’ve glanced through Publishing with iBooks Author and the author seems to cover what you’ll need to know clearly, completely and concisely. Here’s an example:

Best of TOC 2012 has a lot of Q&A, so here’s a sample:

I agree. We need to do more to make ebooks look better and to fall in behind a common standard.

–Michael W. Perry, author of Untangling Tolkien