Free Trial expired after 2 days

Hi, I downloaded the free trial of Scrivener a last week, got a couple of pages through the tutorial then decided to check out some free alternatives so uninstalled Scrivener. I sampled a few of them and decided to come back to finish the 30 day free trial or Scrivener.

I found the installation file in my download folder and re-installed. When I opened it up it said I had 29days left of the trial. I got half way through the tutorial then turned it off to go to bed. This morning when I opened it up again to finish the tutorial, it’s telling me ‘Scrivener has detected a previously expired trial’ and I need to enter a licence key or buy the product…?! :open_mouth:

Can anyone tell me if I can get to my remaining 28 days or if this glitch is just tough luck? :frowning: