Free Upgrade to v3.0 ?

I am using the free trial of version 2.8.1. I have about 21 trial days left. I like the app and am considering buying a copy and moving a complex project to it, but having no Styles is a deal-breaker for me. Good thing that v3.0 will have Styles.

If I buy into 2.8.1 in the next 21 days, will I get a free upgrade to 3.0 when it comes out “later in 2017”?


If you purchase within 90 days of the release date, your upgrade will be free.

No, the release date has not been announced.


Remember, your remaining “21 days” or whatever it is now, means 21 days on which you open Scrivener, not consecutive calendar days. If you open it on say Monday, and leave it and your computer running through Tuesday, that is only 1 day of opening it. I feel keeping it running is cheating in a way and I would never do it myself, but by judicious use of those 21 days, you should be able to run your trial through into October—which takes you into a period of 90 days up to the end of 2017—so you could delay making your purchase till then.

But of course, although we all hope Lit & Lat will release v. 3 before the end of the year, they haven’t and won’t announce a release date well in advance, so you’ve still got to trust to luck.


Although we haven’t announced a release date yet, you will get a free update if you buy now, because it’s not going to take us another three months to release Scrivener 3. (If it does, email us and we’ll give you the free update anyway, since something must have gone very wrong our end if it takes that long from now!)

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Purchase underway. Thanks Keith!

Since this is in the Mac forum, does it only apply for the Mac version? Or can I as a Windows-user buy a license now and get a free upgrade?


Any idea anyone?

Since the Mac and Windows versions are two completely different developments—the Windows version is not a port of the Mac version, which is written in Mac-specific frameworks, but has had to be completely rewritten from the ground up, and the same holds for all the development and new features of v. 3—I’m sure the same rule will apply as for the Mac version: i.e. if you have bought Scrivener for Windows v. 1.9.x within three months of the release of Scrivener 3 for Windows, the upgrade will be free, otherwise it will require payment.

I don’t know what Lit & Latte’s plans are for discounts for those running both systems, who have upgraded to v. 3 on the Mac and wish to upgrade to v. 3 on their Windows machine when the time comes. But having a valid licence for Mac v. 3 is highly unlikely to entitle you to a free licence for Windows v. 3

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We currently offer a cross-grade discount for Mac users wishing to add the Windows version (or vice versa). I would expect that to continue with version 3.


Ok, so I assume that the Windows version is not released simultaneously as the Mac version. Fair enough and understandable if they don’t share identical code bases.
Thx for the clarification