Freeform cork board reset?

What could cause the freeform cork board view to reset the organization of my cards? Yesterday I spent about an hour lining up cards into rough columns based on which plot/subplot they belonged to. Today I loaded that project up on my Windows computer in the Scrivener beta, viewed that same folder in standard corkboard, did some adjustments to the corkboard settings (# across, text size…), but ultimately did nothing to the order of the cards or even the content of the titles or synopses.

I then closed the project, let Dropbox sync back to my Mac, and opened the project up there again. When I viewed that folder in freeform cork board mode, everything was back to being in a rough grid.

Any idea what happened, and more importantly, how to avoid it in the future? I tried to recreate the issue on another test project, but the cards stubbornly refuse to be placed back in their original positions this time, so I can’t reproduce.

Checking our internal notes, this is on the bug list for the beta. There is some confusion over whether 1.6.1 could trigger the bug however. Perhaps you tested using different Windows versions?

I was running Win Scriv beta on the latest Windows 7 when this happened.

Okay, that fits in with the notes. This is still marked as a bug in the beta to be resolved.

Okay. If I can figure out how to reproduce the bug, I’ll post in this thread.