freeform corkboard coming?

Does anybody know if the delighted “freeform corkboard” feature will be implemented?

It is a great advantage of the new Mac-Version and allows you to move you corkboard items freely around, order them as you like.


In answer to your question, yes. The plan is to get Windows up to 1.54, as close as is possible (and where reasonable to do so). Then, once that is accomplished and the code base is stable, 2.0 features will begin development. How long this will take is anyone’s guess. That’s the general answer, but in fact there are already some 2.0 level features in the Windows beta. If you go through point-by-point with the old 1.54 version for the Mac, you’ll find a number of improvements, mainly anything where it would be simpler to code for the final result, rather than to code an intermediate just for the sake of “being 1.54”. A good example is the compile interface. In the 1.54 Mac interface, this was a 3-tab affair that was a jumble of features that had been added over the years. 2.0 re-hauled the entire thing, and changed it to a left sidebar navigation system, so panes could be swapped in and out depending on the target format. This improved design is already in place for the Windows version. Another good example is the level of integration between the view modes. That is all using the new 2.0 flowchart wherever possible, as it would have made no sense to code for the old method only to change it later on.