Freeform Corkboard

Is it the case that after using corkboard in freeform mode, the user must manually change the order of documents in binder to reflect changes made on Corkboard? It seems to me that if cards are being shuffled about and reordered in freeform view, needless work needs to be done to get the binder and corkboard to align? I am aware that the order of documents in the binder can be changed by re-arranging the documents in outline view and in corkboard binder view. I ask this question because if the user numbers the corkboard cards and changes the order on the corkboard freeform view the numbers do not change, as the numbers always reflect the numbers corresponding to the order in the binder. I am using the latest Beta (21)

You have to commit the changes. Use the button located at the bottom right.


Thank you M. If you had not included the word “commit” in your reply I would still be frustrated as the word commit sits on my screen looking for all the world like a label. It never dawned on me to click the word.

You are most welcome.