Freehand Notetaking?

Perhaps I should have used the trial version first, but based on screenshots on the web, I thought Scapple incorporated freehand drawing for notes, sketching-out ideas, diagrams… Seemed like basic functionality for mind mapping apps. Is this not a feature?

Also, I truly don’t understand the rationale behind the zoom function, not keeping my focal point centered on the screen as I zoom in-and-out. Objects move to the upper left corner of the screen, not centered.

Lastly… no simple Toolbar at the top of the screen? Functions are accessed by drop down menus? OK… so I learn a different set of keyboard shortcuts.

I don’t mean to be unfair, but the OSX desktop version lacks basic functionality, not worth the $20. :frowning:

This is precisely why the trial version exists. Scapple is neither a freehand notetaking application nor a conventional mindmapping tool. I’m sorry you were looking for things that it does not attempt to provide.


You are right about the free trial. But, often end-users get clobbered with unwanted clutter, ads, pop-ups and complications removing the trial software afterward. So, for $20, I thought this would have a few more features and bought it after watching your own YouTube video a few times

For clarification, not looking for a notetaking app like Notability (which I have and use), but a mind mapping app that allows me to sometimes jot things down quickly, get ideas out, see relationships, link them together, and then formalize what’s important by using a keyboard. I trust you see the value in that type of process.

Again, not intending to be critical or unfair, just a bit surprised by the limitations. Thank you for the quick response.

*btw… the zoom function in the 2013 video works like I expected, but my 2020 download does not as indicated previously. Thanks again.

I use Notability and Scapple, but use iThoughts for mind mapping the way you describe.
Available for both iOS and Mac OS.

Thank you, I didn’t know about iThoughts. I will definitely take a look. I do use Notability on my iPad and iMac for reading and pdf markup. It works well. Thanks, again.

I am also looking for a good freehand brainstorming/idea sketching/Mind Mapping tool for my iPad Pro. I would love Scapple to be such a tool on iOS (even if it was not freehand), because it‘s always with me (which is not the case with my PC). Scapple looks great, but I need it on IOS.

There is an app you can try though. It‘s called ThinkSpace and you can really do MindMaps with the Apple Pencil. There are many things that could be improved, but it is the best I could find until now. There certainly are better tools for MindMapping or brainstorming, but they all don‘t support freehand writing. ThinkSpace does and it is way More than just a MindMap tool. Check it out, there is a free version.