Freeze on selecting pages using shift+arrow keys

Running 0.22 on Vista, uninstalled previous version before installing 0.22.

I noticed Lee said in his list of fixes for this edition;

1. Crash - If you click the very first document in the binder, then press and hold the down arrow key, Scrivener will crash when it gets to the end of the binder.

I just managed to get something similar to this.

  1. I clicked on the first page in the third folder of my document
  2. I held down shift, pressed down arrow key to select a number of pages (6).
  3. Scrivener froze for about 45 seconds
  4. Scrivener unfroze, but if I try up-arrow/down-arrow to select/unselect documents there is a response delay of a couple of seconds, or a freeze of 30 seconds or so.

I can replicate this repeatedly.