Freezin, Lockup, Whatever it's called

Been working with the NaNoWriMo Preview, and the program is constantly freezing. At first I thought I was using files on the Dropbox, so I localized all my files I am using, and it’s still freezing up. This last time happened when I was trying to switch from “Scriveners Mode (I forgot the new 2.0 term)” to Index cards in my binder. Is this because it’s a trial? Thanks. You rock.

If you get a chance, could you open up Applications/Utilities/ and leave that running in the background while you use Scrivener? If you get a freeze, switch over to that and see if there are any lines popping up with “Scrivener” in them. If you get any, copy and paste them here.

What are the nature of the freezes, by the way? Are they pauses where the application ceases to respond, and then a few seconds later kicks back in and lets you continue working? Are they spinning pizzas of death that you have to force quit Scrivener to get out of? Plain old crashes that produce a “This program unexpectedly quit” dialogue?

Will do. Btw, the kind of freezes they are, are the following: The window I am working on will stop. The red, yellow, green buttons on the top of the left corner of the window will not activate when I roll my mouse over them. I am able to save everythin. Even open another document, but the first one is locked from me being able to input anything.

Hope this helps (and i hope you are getting rest with all the commotion.


Hmm, there are probably definitely console messages then. I’ve seen a similar thing happen a few times, and usually got spammed with forty or fifty error messages. :slight_smile: