French adaptation of the NiaD

Hi there !

I’m french, and I took part of the NiaD last year. The idea of making a french adaptation of the NiaD has started growing since then, and I’d like to know if I can do this freely or not.
I’m starting to set up a landing page, and I’m plotting the story (actually my mind is boiling since I decided to give a try to this project so I started to develop my ideas). I founded a non-profit organization in France to promote exploring worlds of fantasy and fiction by writing, playing stages and music ; I’m also a baby writer, a drama (? theatre ?) teacher and a comedian. I’m also a teacher of maths/physics in high school and I think I will extend the idea to the short story writing with my students.

I know I owe you the original idea so it’s very important for me to mention your work, and the fact you’re the creator of the original english-version NiaD, but does it sound right if I do it this way ? I don’t want to upset you by organizing the french version through the non-profit organization I created few months ago, and I don’t want my project sounds like kind of a betrayal or what.

Thanks !

Ok, wow.

Firstly, it’s cool that you’re inspired to do this. A big part of my drive to do NiaD each year is to inspire people to go out and write their own stuff.

I have to say, though, I’m a terrible control freak, and feel really protective of the NiaD concept and brand. As such, while I’m all for people going out and writing - including collaborative writing - as much as possible (more people to talk to about writing AND more books I can read!), I would prefer that people didn’t try to replicate the NiaD approach with an open offer to the public.

Both foreign language versions and education versions for use in schools and universities have been on my long term aspiration list for a while now (see … ategory=58 ). As such, if you think there’s a market for specific area we’re not covering right now (such as a French language version), then I’d love to hear about them and discuss ways to reach those markets. I’d prefer to do simultaneous language versions (or slightly staggered if need be) and in future years we can look into providing the materials to volunteer translators early to make that possible*.

*nom, early access to translate to Australian will be a difficult sell.

If people are willing to help on that basis then let me know and we can talk through options and approaches. A warning, though, it would be A LOT of work:
~ translating a lot of materials (see previous years’ Scrivener project files for the volume of work in a typical year),
~ marketing efforts,
~ helping translate the NiaD webpage,
~ reviewing applicant writing samples,
~ strong Scrivener knowledge for the whole book production part,
~ reading submissions and providing comments to participants on the day,
~ answering questions throughout.

I should also point out, the day of NiaD itself is a long one. I’m usually up from 6am Friday to about 2:30am Sunday with maybe an hour grabbed for sleep in there if I get chance.

Thanks for your reply !

I maybe misexplained ; by reading your answer I want to redefine my point. I’m going to plan an independant collaborative writing project, not the french translation of your “brand” NiaD. I don’t want to translate your work, because it’s yours and it’s not how I see the creative process. This kind of projects exists since ever (RPG forums, non-profit organizations that promote writing…) and there’s your brand and your market, but I think there is some place for others projects.

I just wanted to say to you I’m planning to organise a collaborative writing project in France, and that I’ll mention you as a previous experience that inspired me.

There will always a place for the NiaD in french, as soon as you find some translators to work with you on the brand NiaD !

Maybe my message is now more understandable ?

Have a good day !

Ok. Sorry if I misunderstood. Certainly you’re able to run a collaborative writing event of your own. Of course my preference would be for people to drum up sufficient interest for the formal NiaD for us to run a simultaneous event in French (or Spanish, Australian, etc) rather than run “competing” events, but that’s up to you!

I should think about producing some “how to run a collaborative writing event” guides for people who want to do something similar amongst friends / their writing groups and in education institutions.

Any one else have thoughts?

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One way to stage an other-language NIAD would be to translate the actual project file from the English-language NIAD --and run an event on that (presumably at some time following the Eng-NIAD*). Would need a fluent “showrunner” or co-organizer to make it work.


  • Supposing that there really are such things as NIADs in the present day.

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