French-language support

Hi everyone,

In addition to being a native speaker of English, I speak French to an almost-native level. As I am writing a novel in French right now, I’d like to know if Scrivener has French language support built in?
I also have a French dictionary integrated into the Dictionary app of my Mac also.


It’s usually worth doing a search before posting! This thread (and a few others) deal with localisation of Scrivener:


Cheers, Martin.

Hi Martin,

That thread’s about six years old now, though, and can’t really be considered relevant, as it was before v1.0 was released. It doesn’t actually say that (in that thread) that there’s French language support. Thanks for your help anyway.


I realise it’s rather a long thread, but the last entries date from 2011, and if you scan it you will find that various people offer help to localise Scrivener in various languages, and Keith regularly says things along the lines of “we are trying to get round to this, and localisation will be coming when we can find time for it”. There are some other threads on the forum that say more or less the same thing. In other words, localisation has not happened yet, but the intention is to do it when possible. The information is all there if you search for it :wink:


PS: it is possible I misunderstood what you meant when you wrote “French language support”: if by that you mean spell checking and so forth, that is all handled by the system (OS X), not by Scrivener itself. Scrivener just makes use of the dictionaries and other stuff made available by the OS.

I’m working in French with Scrivener for Snow Leopard (10.6.8 - French). I also use Antidote as corrector directly in Scrivener. All is fine. What are you looking for exactly?

ealvarez, can you please elaborate? Antidote developers do not mention support for Scrivener, which version of Antidote are you using? Is this on Mac? Is the integration fine within Scrivener as in any other software supported by Antidote? Thanks.

I did not know Scrivener was not officially supported by Andidote :smiley:

When my text in ready in Scrivener, before I compile, I set the cursor at the beginning of the text and I select Andidote/Correction in the contextual menu. I’m using Andidote RX on a MacBook (10.6.8).

Ok thanks ealvarez. It would be nice to have confirmation from Scrivener developers and/or Antidote developers (who released new v8) the two software inter-operate properly though.

You’re welcome : ) Indeed, I’m a bit afraid to upgrade either my Os and the Andidote version. I’ll be happy to know if all is fine.