French names in the Name Generator?

I think the Name Generator is a great, great idea. I always have such a hard time naming my characters…

But some of them are French. Is there any chance Scrivener can one day help me with that? :wink:


Heh, you could download some French names, create a CSV file, and add them? :slight_smile: You can add your own custom lists…

Thanks - glad you like it!

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I had the same question but regarding polish names. I saw Keith’s instruction to someone else about how the lists work and found some lists online of polish names into which I made the comma separated lists and posted them back on the forum.

See them here. [url]Suggested Name Generator Feature]

I would like to see French names and other names in lists people make so I hope you take matters into your own hands and post the lists back here. After all, you will have a better sense than anyone else about what French names should be there.

At least, that’s what I thought helped is that despite all the poles working in the UK these days, I still doubt anybody but a pole could have assembled a good list simply because those names are familiar to me. With you, French names will be familiar.

I do hope to see you upload such lists here!

I also hope that some enterprising others will assemble Japanese and Chinese and Indian, and so on. :laughing:

Chinese? You must be joking. Chinese personal names are just combinations of characters from the dictionary. Family names are limited, they are specific; personal names are either one or two characters, which fundamentally can be any characters in the dictionary — though there are those which are scatological or totally negative in their content and would never be used — which are chosen because of a combination of, (1) they sound good together, including the family name in the sound string, (2) they reflect the character the parents hope the child will have, (3) they relate to a grand-parent’s or other family elder’s name, (4) they contain in the “radical” the character for one of the five elements which is missing from the child’s make-up, (6) where it is a disyllabic name, the characters can be in either order, determined by principle (1).

Now, if we get rid of the characters and use pinyin transcription, used in Mainland China, the language has approximately 1700 individual syllables — if you’re looking at characters then it’s a minimum 14,400 for Simplified Chinese, and another number of the order of 10,000 for the Traditional equivalents of those Simplified Characters — so you can have any combinations of those 1700 syllables in either order … comes to 1700 squared … work it out. Then you have to take into consideration that in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore they use the Wade-Giles transcription, not pinyin, and then there is Cantonese and Hokkien with totally different pronunciations and transcriptions …

The mind boggles … just that one dictionary would end up nearly doubling the size of Scrivener.

What’s in a name, eh? Chaos, if you want to include Chinese naming …


Sounds like a nice weekend project. I’ll give it a shot!

If you put them in order of how common they are - most common towards the top - they’ll work with the “Obscurity” slider, too, by the way.
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Well I don’t know if this is the best place to post, but I’d love a Japanese surnames list. I may create my own in the meantime- and if this would bloat the program too much I understand, although it has never seemed to me to be any more complicated than Western surnaming if it’s written out in Roman characters. My future pseudonym bearers would be grateful :wink:

To be honest, I doubt I’ll be adding any more names to the name generator list - it takes ages to clean up a list of names and import it, and it’s tedious work. :slight_smile: But that’s why it allows you to import your own lists (remember to order them by popularity). If anyone has any sorted lists they have prepared, though, feel free to send them to me and I’ll be happy to include them in an update.

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Sounds like someone needs to develop a seperate software program for birth and surname generation.

No pressure. Just thinking out loud.

I used the name generator for the first time yesterday. The absence of any French names stood out. If the concern is bloat, then why not focus on the languages that have the most users. French and Chinese seem to make more sense than, say, Catalan.

What are “forenames”?

Forenames are given names (first names, or “Christian” names).

And the concern is not bloat - it took me weeks to cull the existing lists from census data, and that’s not really a good use of my time, nor do I want to spend any more of my life doing that. :slight_smile: It is possible to add your own names to the lists from existing census data, though, so if the given name lists don’t suit you, you can cull and add your own.

Anyone have a good list of French names?