French punctuation : automatic non-breaking spaces


I have left a similar post on the Windows version, but I use Scrivener on OS and Windows And in both version, I have the same issues : automatic non-breaking spaces.
In typographic french, they are used quite frequently, to the point, they are automatically inserted in most of word processors. But in Scrivener, I would have to insert them by hand. Not very handy. Is there a way to add this feature in a future version of Scrivener ?

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Yes :slight_smile: They are automatic with quotation marks on Scrivener but not with question marks, exclamation points, semi colons and colons.

Here is an example with Microsoft Word :

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For the Mac side, the answer would be simply to create a system-wide autocorrect entry, so that ! is always preceded by a non-breaking space. (The shortcut for non-breaking space is Option-space.) Obviously, you can do this with the other punctuation marks as well, and then they’ll all be available in all Mac compliant programs. Just type the punctuation mark (without a space, of course!) and the non-breaking space will be added automatically.

You need System Preferences > Keyboard > Text.

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I’ve no idea how to do it on Windows, but at least this should work for the Mac.


Thank you, Brookter. It is a nice trick. It works for Scrivener but it messes with my use of other application. ^^ ; ; (<— just right now, when I am writing this text, I have to fight with this new automatic correction).

I hope it will be added in a future version of Scrivener.

Have a nice day.

If you were to use Typinator (not free but very good value for all it does) you could set up the relevant abbreviations and select the apps in which you wanted those abbreviations to have effect.

(I’m not in any wat associated with Typinator but just a very satisified user of it for a number of years. I appreciate you may not want to buy a new app though!)


Anaïs, comparing Scrivener with Word is comparing chalk with cheese on both Mac and Windows. On the Mac and I imagine iOS, Word doesn’t use any Apple technologies at all—Microsoft has the manpower and the money to code everything themselves.

On the Mac, Scrivener is based on the Apple TextKit; the Windows version is developed in Qt, not Windows frameworks, for similar reasons. So, the fact that Word can automatically put non-breaking spaces appropriately with French punctuation does not mean the necessary automatic coding is available to developers like KB on Mac and iOS and LAP and Tiho_D on the Windows version. I can only imagine it is not a trivial task.

So, using replacements is the solution—certainly for the moment. Steven_C mentions Typinator for Mac; there is a free equivalent, perhaps not so sophisticated, but I think it could do what you want … it’s called “a-Text” if I remember rightly. I’m sorry, I can’t advise you as far as Windows is concerned.



Does it? I tested it with Safari ( ; ) and it worked fine for me, but I didn’t test it for programming, where I suppose you may need to repeat punctuation for some languages.

I suppose you could change the short cut to something which won’t be triggered normally (e.g. @!) but if you’re going to do that then you might as well get used to using the proper shortcut (opt-space) in the first place!

Another third party solution could be Keyboard Maestro, which does this sort of thing trivially — you can create shortcuts which only work in certain applications, for example. It’s a paid product, but it does so much else that I find it’s worth the on-off cost, and it’s one of the first applications I install on any Mac,

This could be a useful feature for other languages as well.

You know, in English, in regular sentences / paragraphs, there are nearly always single spaces after full stops, commas, question marks, etc. Why doesn’t Scrivener do those spaces automatically as well? So unfair that writers of English have to type out the right punctuation and spacing all the time. In fact, there are usually spaces between words. Why doesn’t Scrivener add those automatically as well? Or even type out the whole next word, sentence, and paragraph automatically? Madness. What kind of software is this?

Alternatively, one could, perhaps, set up project replacements during compile. Find exclamation mark, replace with non-breaking space exclamation mark … et cetera.

Or to expand on brookter’s idea while writing: replace exclamation mark exclamation mark with non-breaking space exclamation mark. Simple and unlikely to conflict with other programs.

But why doesn’t Scrivener do project replacements automatically? And why doesn’t it make lunch? Serve drinks? Solve Covid?

Ho, ho, ho.


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Stephen, thank you for your rec. I did not know this program. I will study this option. :slight_smile:

My intention was not to compare but to illustrate what I was talking about. I could have used LibreOffice but I do not know/use this program as much.

I am a user not an expert. :slight_smile: That’s why I came to this forum : to find a solution. I did not know if I had to tick something hidden somewhere or if it was not an option Scrivener proposed. I have my answer. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Well I guess it messes with my habits too… ^^ ;;

Anyway, thanks to all of you who took the time to answer me and propose a solution.



So has anyone found a fix for that issue?
Because I haven’t : even with an autocorrection setup in the system, when I compile from Scrivener to another format, sometimes ?,!, ; and so on have a breaking space before, sometimes they have a non-breaking space and some other time they are stuck to the word before.
And Antidote doesn’t seem to help for those case…

Thanks for your help