French tutorial

Hi all,

Having had to deal with people who need Scrivener, but don’t know enough English to use the tutorial “as is”, I translated the whole of it into French.

If anyone else is interested, here it is : (Sorry, I couldn’t upload it here, it’s almost 2 Mb).

You can use it directly as a “standard” Scrivener project. You can also probably replace the English one in the installation folders with this one, and access it directly from Scrivener’s main menu.

There might be some discrepancies between actual menu items and their description in the tutorial, which are mostly due to version differences. I’ll be checking for them on my side and possibly post a new version some time later.

FYI, my work is released under a “CreativeCommons 3.0 Attribution ShareAlike license” (CC BY-SA 3.0), so feel free to use it and distribute it.

Cheers !

That’s fantastic! Thanks for putting this together for the community.

Merci beaucoup de ce tuto très utile !

Juste changer Tableau de liège par Tableau de bord.



Thank you for this tutorial.
Merci beaucoup pour le tutoriel, c’est excellent.

Hi Santa!

Where can we found your tutorial? It seems the pages is 404 Not found :slight_smile:

All my best,

Hi there,

just wanted to send you a vey big THANK YOU.
Your translation will be helpfull !!!



Merci pour ce tuto.
Je cherche un gabarit/template de création de cours. Une idée pour une mise en place rapide ?

Merci, Santa, je pense que ça me sera très utile :slight_smile:


Nouvelle utilisatrice de Scrivener, je suis à la recherche d’un Tutoriel en français.
Malheureusement, le lien de Santa ne fonctionne plus (page 404). Quelqu’un aurait-il télécharger le contenu et si c’était le cas serait-ce possible de me le passer d’une manière ou d’une autre?
Merci de votre aide !


I have the french tutorial translated by Santa.
It is here :

I hope this help. Maybe some things changed with last Scrivener update, I don’t know.


Oh, Merci LionelB, je viens de voir ta réponse ! Je vais lire tout ça ! Merci merci :slight_smile:
Just saw your answer, thank you so much, I am going to read this right now !
Have a good day,

Hello !

Does anyone has the file ? The links are 404…
Thanks !

I would be glad to have it too ! Many thanks to the one who can post it.