From free podcasting to commercial deal

I believe I mentioned this before, but I have up to date news on my two book deal with Blackstone Audio. The first two books in my Kendrick Chronicles series are coming out on CD, MP3 discs and downloadable format this year.

Blackstone has just announced August as the release date of Bone Machines, with Kali’s Kiss likely to follow in September.

Bone Machines started life as a badly-produced small press publication. The company went bust, so I took the book back, self published on and and recorded it myself as a free podiobook on Podiobooks. The podcasting helped me do some additional editing to tighten the book up.

A company called Just Imagine It Ink (ebook publisher) heard the podcast and recommended it to Blackstone. Blackstone asked to read the unpublished Kali’s Kiss, as they didn’t feel able to do another audio of a podcast already out there. However, seven months later they sent me a contract and an advance for both books. I had to take the free podcast offline, of course, but Bone Machines the ebook is still free at this point.

I don’t know if any others here podcast, but given my experience, it’s worth seriously thinking about. And, if you don’t have the kit, or feel you don’t have the voice to do your own recording, maybe you can persuade a friend to do it for you.

Oh, and I wrote Kali’s Kiss entirely on Scrivener - that must be why Blackstone liked it so much.


John Lenahan (the voice of talkie toaster on red dwarf, magician, comedian and writer), podcast his book ’ Shadowmagic’, he’d submitted it many times before to publishers and got rejected… the podcasts went through the roof and in the end the published were interested in exactly the same book he’d submitted before!! :wink: Harper Collins picked it up in the end…

He then went on to podcast get published his second book in the shadowmagic series, and I think (last time I spoke to him) was working on book three

I’ve enjoyed reading Shadowmagic, its a nice easy read, and being a magician as well, john kind of inspirited me to pick up the keyboard again and write

I interviewed him back in 2009 (although with a slant on the magician side of things), but he does talks about the book, and the process he went through in the audio (if you can bear my voice… its about 19min 50seconds in) - … n-lenahan/

its also on iTunes - … d289988625 (episode from 5 05 09)

sadly i’m suffering from a condition which means my voice and cognitive skills are broken, hence i’ve not podcast for almost 2 years, but i really enjoyed talking with John… :frowning:
so… free podcasting to a commercial deal is possible… :slight_smile: