From Mrs Sherry

Good Day,

My name is Mrs. Sherry Armstrong. I am a dying woman who had decided to donate
what I have to a reliable individual who will act as i will instruct here. I
am 63 years old and was diagnosed for cancer about 2
 years ago. I have been
touched by God to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband Mr.
Armstrong Limbery to you for the good work of God, rather than allow my
husbands relatives to use my husband's hard earned funds ungodly.I will be
undergoing an operation here in Malaysia, and i pray that I survive the
operation. I have decided to WILL the sum of £10,000,000 (Ten Million Great
Brithish Pounds) deposited in a secured bank in UK, to you for the good work
of the lord, the orphanage, the
needy and to help the motherless. Presently, I have informed my Doctor,
Dr.Williams Koka. about my decision in WILLING this funds to a reliable

You are to Contact my Doctor through his email address
([]( or with his personal phone number: +60146669215,
if you are interested in carrying out this task,so that the Doctroe can
arrange and instruct you on how the funds will be
 release to you. I know I
have never meet you, but in other to fulfil this which borders me most and i
got your email address through my personal search on the internet, my mind
tells me to inform you about this, and I hope you act sincerely, please
contact my Doctor immediately. Be informed that I can not read emails or
receive phone calls for now. You can get any information you need from my
Doctor.He shall always give me feedback and give you my words in return.

God bless you.
Mrs.Sherry Armstrong

Dear Mrs Sherry,

I would gladly accept the sum of £10,000,000. However I must confess that I’m not a reliable person. I have done terrible things in my life and I am not worthy of your good will. I will pray to God that he helps you to regain your health.

Kind Regards


I am the doctor to Mrs. Sherry Armstrong. I have received  your email and your willingness to help Mrs. Sherry Armstrong. She had told me everything about her email to you and she had pleaded with me to guide you on how you are to conact her Lawyer, who will help you transfer the fund.
She wants to WILL this funds to you, I have promised her to guide you on how to contact the Lawyer to get the fund transfered  from the bank. Now i need to know if you can handle this funds and utilize it the way she had intructed you? Can I trust you? what do you do for a living? are you married with kids? I will also want you to send me a passport copy of youself if you have one. Trust is very important for this transaction you know?. Please it is very important i know you before giving you details on how you will contact the Lawyer.
Kindly provide me with your informations as enlisted below:
6.Country Of Residence:______________
7.Telephone Number:__________________
8.Fax Number:___________________
There is no risk involved at all. I have done my home work as she had instructed, and once i receive your information as given above, i will provide you with the contact details of the Lawyer, he has the files with him, that we will use to support the fund transfer.

Once i get a positive response from you, i will send you the details of her Lawyer so that you can contact him. Please send an immediate response via email as i am at my desk awaiting your response . I will appreciate if you respond on time as i am also busy with patients in the Hospital.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Williams Koka

Dear Mr Koka,

Let me first inform you that I have a criminal record. I have spent 25 years in prison in Turkey for murdering 3 people, one of them a police officer. If you and Mrs Sherry still want to give me such a large amount of money I need to know something about you. Please email a copy of your passport and your telephone number to me. Give me also your physical address so I can visit you, and I will in person give you all information that you require.

Kind Regards


I love you. You have just made my day, nay, my year. This is the single best retort to these types of spammers that I have ever seen. The idea is not new, but the execution is… flawless.

You are my hero in a sick twisted anti-spammer kind of way.

Check this site out. Its worth it,

I love the pictures and the tortured pseudo religious language.

Keep us posted Bob and don’t forget to spread your joy around.


LOL Nice Job Bob!

Here is something funny related to those “emails” people receive all the time … rian-court