From Split Screen to Floating Window

I am in split screen mode and would like to open the window in which I am currently working (in some instances it’s the upper one, in others the bottom one) as a floating window. Is that possible at the moment?

Again, it has to do with me not losing where I am since I need to look things up and I want to be able to use the split screen while I search for what I need.

The feature you want is called QuickReference Panels and it’s really powerful…

Make sure you’re in the Editor of the document you want to see and then click the QuickRef icon in the middle of the toolbar at the top (or use Documents > Open > As QuickReference – which you can create a shortcut for in System Preferences in the normal way).

You don’t need to be in a split editor for this — you can right-click on any document at all in the Binder and use these two methods (or just right click and choose Open > As QuickReference Panel).

You can make this floating window stay permanently above the others if you want by Windows > Float QuickReference Panels (Ctl-cmd-Q).

It’s worth having a good look at how QuickReference panels work. You can not only see and edit the text of the document, you can split the panel so it also shows one of the relevant Inspector panel (e.g. Notes, Synopsis, References, Comments/footnotes etc) at the same time: click on the drop-down box at the bottom of the panel to see the options.

This works in Composition mode too, so it’s a great way of referring to another document while you work on another – a sort of split-editor hack for Composition mode, if you like.

This is brilliant, Brookter! Thanks for all the tips!