Front matter / .mobi beginning

When you open a Kindle book, the app/device automatically takes you to Page 1 by looking for an HTML tag (the exact syntax escapes me at the moment.) I’m working with a novel project where the process is designating the first page of the “Front Matter” folder as the beginning, which means that my book opens to the dedication instead of the first page of the first chapter. Is there a way to force Scrivener to designate the “beginning” as the first page of the first document in the Manuscript folder rather than the first page of the first document in the front matter?

Thanks…and apologies if this is a redundant question. Maybe I’m just missing the proper function in the Compile wizard.

Oh, I see what’s going on. If you create your own table of contents rather than having one generated in the Compile process, and if you fail to enter the title of that TOC in the appropriate box in the “Layout” pane, Scrivener apparently brings the TOC and the dedication (and, I’m guessing, the rest of the front matter folder) in ahead of the text in the .mobi version. If you DO enter the title of the TOC in “Layout,” Scrivener apparently excludes the entire front matter folder from being counted that way.