Front matter not included in compile

Hi All, I want to add the book blurb to my front matter right after the cover but even though I ticked “Add front matter,” the blurb (text only, filed under Front Matter…E-Book…Cover) does not get included in the compile.

I called the file “blurb.” I thought that might be the problem.
Then I changed the filename to “copyright” because I want to include the copyright here but that didn’t help either.
I selected “blurb” and then “copyright” but selecting didn’t solve the issue.

This has to be simple (I hope) but a search didn’t turn up the answer. Neither the manual nor the video tutorial explained how to add a blurb to Front Matter.

Also, how do I add a copyright notice?

Thank you for help/advice/input.

Checking the box in the Contents compile option pane is the first step, the second step is selecting which folder to use. It sounds like you’re working with one of the starter templates, which provide some example front matter folders to demonstrate how you can switch between different sets for different outputs. Make sure you have one of these sub-folders selected. You’ll know you’ve got things selected correctly when the contents of the front matter folder you wish to use appear at the top of the Contents list. If you do not see “blurb” in the list, then either that file isn’t where you thought it was, or the wrong folder is selected.

Thank you. Much appreciated!