Front Matter.

Hello all. I’ve had a look for the answer to this, but can’t see it - so apologies if it’s there somewhere.

I’m trying to get my head around Scrivener having mostly used Ulysses previously… The Mac version seems to do as it’s told for sending documents, with ‘Front Matter’ attached, but I can’t for the life of me find a way to do the same from my iPad Pro. The ‘Front Matter’ sheet is there alright, but on Compile isn’t attached and I can’t see any way to rectify it.

Could anyone please advise? I’m trying Scrivener for a book series during NaNoWriMo.

The only thing to do on iOS is to move the front matter into your draft. iOS Compile is very limited compared to Mac.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! That makes sense, Ulysses is pretty much the same regardless of device, Scrivener seems to be more powerful on the Mac with iPad a strong support device. Big learning curve, but I’m getting there. :slight_smile: