Frustrated - License Key

I bought Scrivener years ago and recently upgraded to Big Sur on my Mac. Now it doesn’t work. I read that I need to download a new version… I did. Now it asks for a license key (I don’t have that). So, I went to the license recovery page, antered the email and I was told that my info would be sent to me (twice I tried this). The emails NEVER arrived. So I emailed them, asking for help and I get a reply now telling me they are closed for another 16-days.

Now, I’m supposed to sit around and not write with teg program for the next 16-days?

What the heck?

Hello Anthony. Welcome to the forum.

Scrivener’s trial period is for 30 non-consecutive days, which means you can use the fully functional version of the program without a license until after the holiday break.

Perhaps more importantly, we do not discuss licensing issues on this public forum since that is private information. Since you have already submitted a help request for this question, please watch for our reply there.

Incidentally, if you were previously using Scrivener 2, you will need to purchase a new license for Scrivener 3 at some point. If you’re in a hurry, you can see if our store recognizes your email address and applies the discount automatically. (It might not, if it can’t find your license.)

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You’re right… that’s the case. It turns out that I had Ver 2. I have the new one now.

Now I have to figure out how to get it set up to synch. That’s probably for another place in the I guess. Thanks for your help.

From the Knowledge Base:

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