Frustrated with Grammarly

When I learned that Grammarly is now compatible with Scrivener 3 for Windows, I decided to give it (the free version) another try.
I installed Grammarly on my Asus Windows 11 PC. It worked fine with Scrivener.
But when I installed Grammarly on my Windows 11 laptop (same version of Windows as the desktop PC), I get no Grammarly in Scrivener.
Not only that, but when I went back to the desktop - after shutting down the laptop - Grammarly was no longer working there either.

I can think of only two reasons for this problem:

  1. I am using Dropbox for my Scrivener project files
  2. The free version of Grammarly will not wok on two computers under the same account.

Any ideas?
Thanks for your help

Probably first, or at least simultaneous to here, port of call ought to be Grammarly’s support services and/or forums?

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Grammarly can check your work in two ways: (1.) As a floating add-in available to Scrivener and other apps–I don’t see how it would detect that you save your project to Dropbox. When open, the project is in the computer’s memory, not the cloud. (2.) The desktop version—free one too—opens a .SCRIVX project file in Grammarly. The only restriction with the free version of Grammarly is that it checks using only the bare basics of its true capability.

Worst case scenario, open a new email address at Google or Outlook, which takes about 15 minutes of confirmation and authentication.

Others here have checked in with Grammarly support and found them responsive.

I had opened the .scrivx project in Scrivener; Am I supposed to open it from Grammarly?
I’ll give it another try. It was getting late last night when I had the problem, so I may have missed something.

I re-installed Grammarly on my desktop PC this morning. It’s working with Scrivener again, as it did yesterday after installation. It seems that my problem was that I was being impatient. Since Grammarly is a cloud-based program, it may take longer than expected for it to recognize the text I am writing.

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As an option you can.

Just a comment ‘in case’.

Based on your post and one response about saving to Dropbox and opening Scrivener from the cloud.

You are saving to a Dropbox folder ON each computer and syncing? Scrivener should never be saved directly to the cloud.

My Dropbox folders are in the “Users*username*\Scrivener” folder, so I assume they’re being saved locally and synched.

Does anyone use Grammarly Premium? It looks like a good tool but I’m not sure it is worth $144/yr. No discount for yearly sub.

That’s not a safe assumption.

Is the Dropbox software installed, running, and logged into your Dropbox account?

Are the relevant folders configured to be “available offline?”

I got 60% off the annual subscription.

  1. Get a discounted 30 day subscription.
  2. Cancel before it auto renews.
  3. You still get your full 30 days.
  4. Wait a week or so after expiry and they’ll come at you with massive discounted offers.
  5. Don’t ask them, you’ll get a vague response.

Try the tried and successful approach I outlined.

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Thanks. That method worked for me with my Audible sub too.
How do I get the discounted 30-day sub? I found a website with discount codes, but when I go to the plan selection page, and select 30 days, the next page is the payment page with no place to enter a discount code.

The offers are for a limited time only, based on the timezone where Grammarly are situated. My 60% discount was available for 24 hours.
Black Friday and such events are a sure shot to financially plan for. Lesser discounts offers are available for longer.
It’s all a matter of checking your email every day.

Mine disappeared after I mistakenly turned G off on Scrivener. I mean, instead of one hour, I turned it off for Scrivener forever. So, after struggling to find out what happened, I figured it out.
Go to another program, like Pages, to see the little pop-up of Grammarly. Then, open Grammarly settings by clicking on the little gear. In settings, click on the tap Block List, a gray invisible tap of three on the top. Remove the Scrivener from the block list.