Frustrating issue trying to upgrade to Scriv 3

For almost a week, I’ve been trying to upgrade to Scriv 3 after responding to your “Oops! Was there a problem with your order?” email.

I’ve been using the trial version of Scriv 3 but don’t want to open any important Projects until I’m sure I actually own it. I’ve been in touch with your Sales And Fulfillment department and provided my license #s dating from Scriv 1. However, Sales informs me that the email on file is one I haven’t used for years because it’s obsolete (bell atlantic no longer exists), the system does not recognize verizon (the company’s new name) or any of the other email addresses I’ve used in the intervening years to communicate with Scriv.

I need to change the email address in your system and am happy to do so. Is there a way I can do that myself?

The Sales dept is still dealing with post-holiday issues so email exchanges are slow.

All I want to do is purchase the upgrade to Scriv 3 so I can get back to the book I want to finish.

I’m feeling frustrated and wonder if anyone here can help?

I’m afraid we have to do that our end, so the only way is via support. However, I’ve looked through our support queue and found the support thread and your exchange with Astrid, and I have updated your email address in our system to the one you requested. To purchase, just click on “Buy Now” on our product page and follow the “Upgrade from an older version” link.

All the best,


All sorted. Thank you for taking the time to help! Thanks, too, to Astrid who followed up promptly.

Not as if you don’t have anything else to do— :wink:—so greatly appreciated.

All the best from a long-time fan.