Frustration with Splitting Editor

Hi, @Merx. Before you split, change the formatting of your corkboard—make the cards smaller, change the spacing dramatically—something to make it easy to see that you’ve changed it. Now try clicking that split icon. You’ll see that the second corkboard split has the original corkboard formatting, while the (left, in your case) split has the formatting as you changed it.

Besides retaining formatting (a comparatively minor issue), if you’ve set up special navigation (like corkboard click opens the clicked document in the copyholder) only the primary (left) split will have that navigation enabled.

I have lots of navigation options enabled. :slight_smile:

Hi, @Silverdragon

Many thanks for the explanation. I now understand the issue and resulting frustration. I see it in old and new projects alike.

Only way I can find of getting the split to move to the left-hand editor quickly is to option click the split icon twice. Not ideal, but it works fairly reliably without having to invoke any other commands. Or maybe I have still misunderstood.



To me it seems a lot more efficient to use the View ▸ Editor Layout ▸ Swap Editors command, at that point, since opening and closing splits changes what you’re looking at.

All right, so I couldn’t reproduce this in a simple blank v2 test project upgraded to v3. Honestly it probably means whatever you ran into is a bit of a niche case, and probably not worth worrying too much about this many years after the bulk of v2 projects have been upgraded.

If you did wish to avoid the annoyance of swapping project “shells”, I could still maybe take a look at it, though I would maybe only need to see the contents of your Settings folder, within the package. That’s where the XML for the split editor layouts will be stored.

Thanks for the offer, @AmberV , but at this point it’s already done. I’m happily working in the re-created project. I’m not one to wait for an official solution when a workaround is available. :wink:

Thanks for all your help!

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