Full integration of Scapple with Scrivener

Dear developers would you be so kind and fully integrate Scapple into Scrivener? As a thinking board.
That would be very useful to me!


Do you know that you can link to a Scapple project by dropping it (its file) in Scrivener’s editor?

It won’t be “fully integrated”, but it doesn’t really make much of a difference.
It is then no more “alien” to Scrivener than a quick reference window.

In case you don’t need all the lines and arrows from Scapple, perhaps see if you get what you want out of a freeform corkboard instead?

This request is addressed here.

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Thank you for pointing this out. I am already familiar with the link. But actually, what I like about Scrivener is the possibility to have all relevant documents in one interface. There are other authoring programs, such as Papyrus Author, that have integrated thinking boards.

Thank you for your detailed and profound explanation! Which I appreciate very much! However, I don’t understand why other authoring programs manage to integrate mindmaps seamlessly?
But well, then I’ll just have to keep hopping back and forth between different programs.

However, I don’t understand why other authoring programs manage to integrate mindmaps seamlessly?

The clue may well be in the wording you have used here. If Scrivener were to ever have such a visual view mode added to it, it probably would follow the traditional mind-map model, because that very closely adheres to its core nested outline structure in the binder. The “Draft” is in the middle of the screen, “Chapter 2” in green to the right, “Section 2.1” in a fork from that, add “Chapter 3” and it pops up in pink below 2, and so on.

That Scapple isn’t that kind of engine is what goes into point (2) on the linked page for why there is no more integration than what already exists: hosting .scap files in your binder and making it easy to open and edit them in Scapple (and on the Mac, where there is a system-wide mechanism for previewing files, a picture of the board in the main editor).

Thank you very much for this answer. But I can already see that my request is being elegantly but firmly dismissed here. Well, then I’ll chalk up the price for Scrivener as an apprenticeship.