Full screen bug (?) and em-dash


I haven’t been able to get full-screen mode to engage using F8. I’m using a new macbook. Also, how do I change colors in full screen mode?
Sorry if this is covered elsewhere.

I’m interested in adding an em-dash. Usually initiated in word by adding two hyphens – and it comes up automatically. You can also assign a key code for it there. How about here?

Also, is there a way to do page down? Or make fullscreen mode not always start at the top of the section?

I think this program is AWesome!!!


F8 doesn’t start full screen - alt-cmd-F does.

You can change the colours via Preferences.

Typing two hyphens does create an em-dash - make sure you are using beta 3 if you are not already (available via the Beta Testing forum) and ensure that the option is checked in the Typography options in Preferences.

Full screen mode should start where you are in normal mode, not at the top. However, there was a bug in beta 2 whereby this didn’t always work, though this is fixed in beta 3. So please do make sure you are using beta 3.

Thanks for your kind words!
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Cool. I’ll definitely get Beta 3.

Today I found that when typing scrivener doesn’t fix the little typos that word does. Anything in the pipeline about this?


I for one am glad Scrivener doesn’t have autocorrect-as-you-type… When I must use Word, that’s one of the first things I shut off.

I used to have it on, and found that my fingers learned that ‘teh’ and ‘adn’ and other such typos were acceptable words, which meant that everywhere except Word my typing suffered greatly. By about a week after I shut it off, my typing accuracy had improved dramatically. :slight_smile:

I agree with janra: please no autocorrect-as-you-type in Scrivener. I never used it in Word. And I never use even spell checkers; I am my own spell checker …

How about this as a bug?

In the sentence:
“You’re Jack Palms, right?â€

Turn off ‘Auto-Capitalise’ in Text Editing prefs.

How about this as a bug?

In the sentence:
“You’re Jack Palms, right?â€


That’s good. I’ve also found the same problem with abreviations. Like S.F. or S.F.P.D. things like that, when they come in the middle of the sentence are hard not to get the thing to capitalize the next word. I can turn off the auto feature, but it’s nice how in word, if I just backspace, the automatic fix goes away.
Anyway you can make this happen?


That gets more complicated - remember that Word has a hundred people working on it and is a lot more expensive. :slight_smile: What you can do is just hit undo (cmd-z), which will undo the capitalisation. The annoying thing is that the letter will be selected (part of the undo mechanism), though, so you will have to move your cursor back to where you were, but Alt-Right will do that for you if you are typing in a new document.

Yeah, but many of us do use it. I’d assume - especially the non-native speakers like me.

Auto-correct-as-you-type is really beyond the scope of Scrivener right now.

As far as I’m concerned, auto correct is serious blaot.


I don’t even like “magic-quotes,” but I am a radical. :wink:

Auto correct made me absolutely nuts in Word. Though I admit it, I do like my em-dashes. :slight_smile: Not sure if that is technically an ‘auto-correct’ feature, though.

I don’t actually use auto-capitalisation, but I did turn it on accidentally today and noticed the same thing as Seth – if I typed “e.g.”, it became “e.G.” – I could see how this could get old pretty fast for people that do use the feature. Obviously, people should just turn it off if they’re annoyed by it, but I’d still call it a bug. In most languages, shouldn’t capitalisation be dependent on a full-stop/period or question mark (or equivalents) followed by a space? Anyway, I don’t think anyone regards this as a priority by any stretch. Maybe kill the feature? :slight_smile:

But then most people use “eg. rather than e.g.” these days (even though the latter is technically correct). This is just a one-off case that will throw up problems. The auto-caps feature really is very basic (if a space follows a word that had a full stop, question mark, exclamation mark or ellipses before it, the first letter of that word will get capitalized). Those who don’t like it can just kill it via the Preferences. I will look at this case, though, as your suggestion to look for whitespace between the punctuation and the word to be capitalised does make sense.
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In most circumstances (with my readers and Princeton and with many academic publishers), if I used eg. rather than e.g., I’d get corrected. I think it’s cumbersome and unecessary, but what I think doesn’t seem to matter in such cases. :slight_smile: Not that I use the auto-caps feature. But I just wanted to point this out about using e.g., or i.e., and the like.

I wouldn’t expect Scrivener to have it. I actually prefer to use a third program for a system-wide autocorrect and short hand replacement. I use Spell Catcher.

Same here. This way I can set my own conventions.