Full screen font options

is there any way to access the font options in full screen mode, other than by keyboard shortcuts (ie. context menu options)?

I’m trying to change the text colour on the fly and can’t find a keyboard shortcut (and can’t find a way of assigning this to a shortcut).

Fair enough, the full screen mode is supposed to be distraction free, but it’s a bit onerous having to flip in and out continuously.


At the moment, no, there’s not a way to do this. Lee’s looking into options for providing more menu access while in full screen, as well as significantly more keyboard shortcuts, so this should be possible in the future. For now the only workaround I can think of is to use Copy/Paste Style to achieve this, if you’re just using one color. Before going into full screen, select some text, assign it the color you want to use, and then choose Copy Style (Ctrl-Shift-C). In full screen then you should be able to use Paste Style (Ctrl-Shift-V) on text to assign it the red color. Of course it will copy other character attributes too, so this means you wouldn’t want to do it on stylized text–italics, bold, etc.–but if you’re basically working with regular text, same font, same size, etc. it might get you by.