Full screen laggy

The full screen mode is very laggy for me. The text shows up in a delay that makes very hard for me to write if I’m looking at the text because my head starts to go in to typos and corrections as I look at what’s wrong. It’s almost like speaking to a microphone and simultaneously hearing your voice in headphones on a small delay. You start to concentrate on what you see/hear.

There’s no lag in the normal mode.

EDIT: Restarting the program fixed the problem temporarily. So maybe a memory leak?

Another thing. In full screen mode there’s a dial at the bottom of the screen that says “paper width”, but sometimes it’s stuck to “paper height”. I know you can toggle it by holding ALT, but it stays like that.

EDIT: Ok, the paper height stays there if I alt+tab out of the full screen mode and go back. Apparently the program doesn’t read the key released event in those cases.