Full screen layout formatting

I really miss the option of using a layout that looks like an 11x8.5 paper in full screen mode, with margins on the sides and top and bottom. I like knowing where I am on the page when I’m writing a scene. It’s called Print Layout View in Word. Can anyone help me to figure out how to adjust the settings of the Full Screen mode to approximate this experience? Thank you so much. (And I’m using Windows).

Hello Angieskim,
Best you can do is use the full screen paper width adjuster which is at the bottom of the full screen editor to adjust your width to approximate the size you want and then go to options / editor and over on the right of that panel find the editor margins and set them to somewhere between 50 - 99. That gives something similar, although of course there is no bottom margin.

If you edit the Compile format that you are using, either by using the gear icon in the bottom left of Compile dialog or the + icon to Duplicate & Edit Format, then go to Page Settings and you will see buttons for Page Setup and Margins so you can set the page size as you wish. Example screenshot attached. (The red check mark at the top where it says A4). This will let you make PDF in your right book size.

I hope that helps,

Windows V3 will introduce Page View mode, which will simulate what you want, although it’s not really Word’s Print Layout View, in that the page counts may not be exact.

Actually, if you’re in the full screen editor (composition mode), you can also adjust top and bottom margins (paper height). When you hold down the Alt key, the Paper Width adjustment changes to Paper Height. I realize I’m being pedantic, as this won’t give the OP what they want (Print Layout view), but it’s good to know the capability is there.


Thanks, everyone! Some family stuff happened right after I asked my Q and I just got back to writing this week and was happy to see these helpful responses. @JIMRAC, with respect to your comment about Windows V3, do you know when that will be introduced? Thank you again!

No, I have no insider info on v3 release timing. :slight_smile: