Full Screen - minor

Hello Keith,

I have been writing on scrivener now for several weeks. Meanwhile I have published a number of articles that were all written on scrivener. I will never go back to Word again. Thank you very much for this wonderful application.

I always work in the full screen mode. There are some comments I would like to make, all referring to full screen mode:
Erasing is a little strange. The screen sort of jumps when you take characters or words out.
When switching from normal mode to full screen mode, the position of the cursor changes.

Well, all the best to you.



Thanks for your comments, rochefore - I am glad to hear that you have been able to use Scrivener to produce your articles.

The text-jumping thing is just caused by typewriter scrolling being turned on - this will keep your cursor at the centre of the screen.

The bug whereby the cursor is sometimes at a different position when you go into full screen has been fixed for beta 3 (hopefully), which should be out in about a week or so.


…turned off the typewriter scrolling…full screen is working fine now…