Full Screen Mode and Script Writing Bug

Hi Scriv Team,

I’m using the standard Undergraduate Humanities Essay template, with script writing mode turned on; however every time I enter full screen mode, it reverts my current paragraph back into General Text, with the Courier New font and far left alignment! Quite frustrating to have to correct it into Main Text every time I open or close out of full screen mode!

Known bug?

EDIT: Far left alignment****

I have a bug that may be related and am posting it here. I’m also using the Humanities formatting.

With v1.6 that came out last month, I started noticing that the text of the last paragraph I was editing in an item always reverts to “General Text” when I come back to it later.

My document is very long and has many sections, so this does get a bit annoying to change every time I go back to an item.