Full screen options- 1. white/etc text on black screen; and

  1. adjustable width margins (adjustable to entire computer screen, to standard 8.5x11 page, or to some custom width.

(These are features of the WriteRoom application [hogbaysoftware.com], which I also own but never use because Scrivener has so many more features.)

Just my two suggestions for improving full screen mode.

((Also, regarding deleting pages: I know, an accidentally deleted page can be retrieved from the waste basket. But my heart still stops when I occasionally forget to insert the curser into the text and delete the page instead by mistake. So I eagerly await the day that deleting pages requires simultaneously holding down the “control” or "command’ key.))

Scrivener > Preferences > Full Screen. It already does everything you ask.

2.0 introduces cmd-delete for deletion.

Hello again…
…and what about optionally obscuring the second screen in a two-screen setup?
Being mostly a photographer (and only then a writer) i am very used to working in this fashion and i really find it a nuisance to go back to just one screen… for anything.

In Scrivener’s full screen mode i use the second screen for the inspector, so turning it off is a no-no, but i still see all that lies beneath it. Such a mess right alongside my tidy full-screen view!

In that situation, I’d just hit Cmd-Opt-H on Scrivener which will hide everything on the system but Scrivener. Then you have the Inspector and your preferred background graphic.

That’s one I didn’t remember AmberV!

Useful… but anyway, I’d still prefer a more Aperture-like approach to the 2 screen thing. (Since the keywords implementation is already so Aperture-ish), where the user can choose to obscure all but the palettes, or have the regular, non full screen view on one side and the selected text (or photo) as full screen on the other. I believe there are more and more people out there working with 2 screens, as it really improves productivity… and not only for us graphics-intensive guys. Video card are ever more powerful, so there is really no limitation here.
Hope this idea helps somewhat down the road.