Full-screen quirks, including mark-up[BUGS LOGGED]

When I tried out Full-screen I found some quirks and possibly some bugs.

  1. On my dual-monitor 2x1920x1080/Vista, I was running Scrivener on the secondary monitor and full-screen moved to the primary monitor. I got a so called triple-split-screen, because I could just simply continue working on the normal interface and simultaneously on the full-screen-mode. #quirk 1

  2. While starting to type the default 8pt-font stays to small. I would like also a ruler to enlarge the font, so it could simply make the perfect mix of ‘paper width’ and ‘font size’ #feature request 1

  3. I started with a wordwar and needed to express a thought, which I normally do by making it italic, but [ctrl][ i] did not work. I had to leave Full-Screen to fix it twice which wasn’t productive. #bug 1

  4. After typing some amount of story, I got on the bottom of my screen, and got so irritated to be “pushed into a corner”; I was forced to insert a lot of linebreaks… #quirk 2 I would also like to have the option to ‘lift the bottom line’ to half or lower-third of the screen. #feature request 2

  5. The moment I go to Full-screen mode, the so preferred first-line indentation dissipates “permanently” #bug 2

  6. When I look at the single-split (while in full-screen-mode on the other monitor) I notice the ruler gets reduced on the right side of the paper. After exiting full-screen-mode, it is restored. #quirk 3

  7. When I activate the Keywords HUD, it doesn’t apply the easy-going style/theme, but resorts to the good-old-days of Windows 3.11 #quirk 4

8 ) When I want to activate the Inspector HUD nothing happens #bug 4

  1. I left Full-screen mode, moved the Scrivener-application to the other monitor, and got back to Full-screen mode – at least tried: It crashed. (could not reproduce error)

  2. I went into the earlier specified full-screen/split mode and manually reset all ruler settings, each text over and over again. After which Full-screen mode didn’t f*ck-up the mark up. This is to much work; the reason I don’t work with Wordpad/Word and other MS products is because they make a mess of the mark-up. Guess it is inheritly of the RTF-format. #quirk 5 I want a general stylesheet/configuration of how the editor needs to represent my story, or at least haven’t found it yet #feature request. Their are given TO MANY localized mark-up options. Only B, I, U, maybe maybe maybe a table, image, lists, some quote and special mark-up selection-type (like h1, h2, hr or newspaper-clipping) and making editor-notes should be available. All other mark-up (font, size, ruler, indentation, e.g.) should be centralized. Scrivener is for writers, not for desktop-publishing.

  3. I saved project. Reopened Scrivener. All mark-up was lost. I went directly to Full-screen and got the ‘Full-screen text width’ of chaucolai. It assumed to fix the ruler TWICE to reduce for my ‘paper width’. #bug 5 After switching a few times, it was ‘restored to normal behavior’.

I guess mainly the mark-up-engine doesn’t work ‘perfectly’ in especially Full-screen mode.

(keep up the good work; I only complain about the bugs to report, so I could enjoy using the tool.)

After updating 25-10 to 29-10 the first point is “updated”, but now I would love to be able to CHOOSE. An 3-split is also a nice way to work… and isolate everything on the screen, except the writing.