Full screen settings for new documents only


I apologize if this was already posted somewhere else or warned by Keith. I’ve just been playing around with full screen settings, changing the font and background colors. What I found out is that the font color is only changed on full screen for new documents within the project. The documents that were created before are displayed on the old color setting. For exemple, I love to use a black screen with light text; but the documents created before I changed the settings look black on black (black text on black background), while the new documents display in any color I choose. I can choose green, and then change it to light blue, and it will look that color on full screen.

Anybody else has noticed this?


Are you a cross-platform user? I’ve not noticed this issue in projects worked on exclusively in the Windows version, but if I create documents on the Mac, the text gets encoded as being specifically black. Since any text specifically encoded as a colour will stay that way in the Windows full screen text implementation, it states black.

Does that sounds like what you’ve got? Some stuff made on the Mac and some stuff made on Windows?

Yes, Amber. This project was created on Mac, worked on Windows, back in Mac, and back in Windows again. I just noticed new things: new text appears okay in full screen view, not just new documents. I created a new table inside an old document, and it looks perfect on full screen. But most of my old text looks like it’s highlighted in white. It looks pretty odd in full screen view, but, strange as it is, it makes the text readable.

The problem then is that the Mac assigns the color black to the text, so you can fix this by selecting the text and clicking Remove Color from the text color drop-down in the format bar on Windows Scrivener (or from the menu). It will still look black in the regular editor, but that should strip the color attribute so that it will appear properly with your full screen color.

Excellent! It worked perfectly. Of course, it will be a long way, since it’s a rather large project, but at least it can be corrected. Thank you! :smiley:

Heh, well, we can hope it’s only a temporary fix and that this gets handled later automatically, but obviously there’s still a bit to iron out in going between Mac and Windows. I don’t have Windows open right now so I can’t try this, but in Windows with the Convert to Default Formatting command you can change the text color back to the default. You could try using that to see if it also strips the black attribute from the Mac text and if it does, you can then use that to bulk change your documents (assuming you don’t have other colors in the text that you want to keep).

All right, I’ll try, but I do have lots of colors, especially on highlights. I also have footnotes. Well, let’s hope it gets fixed later on.