Full screen switch?

Hello: I’m new to scrivener, just two weeks past the demo and I’m slowly having all the pieces fall into place. In other words I’m having many great “aaah” moments.

The one thing which would be great to be able to do but which I have not been able to figure out is if its possible to switch from one document in the drafts folder to the next and back while in full screen mode. I’d like to stay in full screen but to be able to jump around to another text page from within it. Is this possible and if so, what are the keyboard commands to do this.

You can use the ‘Go To’ menu in the View menu. Also, the fullscreen mode keeps its own history, so you can navigate document’s you’ve used in fullscreen by pressing cmd-[ and cmd-]. As far as I know, there is no keyboard command to go to the next/previous documents in the Binder while in fullscreen.

Welcome to this friendly Scrivener community, Pavel. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’m new to Mac and have been using Scrivener for only a month or so, and I don’t think you can shift from one Draft document to another in Full Screen mode.
However, there are members of this forum who know EVERYTHING about Scrivener and may well be able to tell you exactly how to do it.
Even if they can’t, I think you’ll find Scrivener the best piece of software around for those of us who spend our days writing.
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There are two ways of goings about this, depending on what you want to do, you may find one easier than the other.

Method A: Simple direct jump to a desired document. To do that, move the mouse up to the top of screen and wait one moment for the standard menu to appear. Now in the View menu, select Go to, and navigate through the Binder using this menu.

Method B: This requires knowing which documents you’ll want to be editing, before you enter full screen. Using this method, select all of the documents you wish to work with in the Binder. Then enter full screen. Now you can use the history keys (Cmd-[ and Cmd-]) to jump back and forth between the documents you picked.

Note that Method A can become Method B. As you navigate to new documents using the Go To sub-menu, they will be added to the history, and you can use Method B from that point on to access them in a linear fashion.

What did I tell you, Pavel? I’ve just tried out AmberV’s instructions and they work like a dream.

Thanks, AmberV

Another possibility is to use the “Edit Scrivenings” feature: You simply mark all documents you want to work on, click on “Edit Scrivenings” and have them all as one stream of text, slightly set apart from each other by a different background (white/lightgrey as default). You can edit each part easily, and this helps a lot to create smooth transitions.

(I am using Scrivener since two weeks or so, working on a short story I make up from a lot of pieces. To handle them via “Edit Scrivening” is, if the quality of your text is your top priority, IMHO by far more better than a jump to the next document via keystroke.)

You know every fantastic, groundbreaking piece of software needs a forum at an equivalent level. This place makes scrivener complete.
Thanks everyone!

Now how come my writing has the same bad punctuation as always? :smiley:

As far as doc-switching in Full Screen Mode (FSM) I really found the old pop-up bar method much more convenient. Switching docs was simple: go to pop-up bar, select your doc. Now? View>Editor>Go To>Doc X
From a logical standpoint neither View nor Editor relate directly and/or instinctively to switching documents. It’s one of our most common tasks in FSM and, at least for me, the current method has failed to become second-nature.
Maybe, if the old method doesn’t work for you, there could be a drop-down in the black area to the left of the page? That might be nice. Something that disappears like the scroll-bar does. ? I’d pay again for THAT alone!.. And because i like you guys ; )