Full Screen

Why is the full screen mode gone? It has been working properly for months after my purchase, and then it went away, apparently for no reason. Is there any way I can re-activate it? Thank you very much for your support.

Which version of the OS are you using? Have you just upgraded from 10.6.8 to to 10.8.x?

Which version of Scrivener are you using? Have you just upgraded that?

Do you mean “Composition Mode” … formerly “Full Screen” — the name was changed to distinguish it from the System “Full Screen” introduced with 10.7?


Hello Mark, and thank you:
I am using Mac OS X 10.7.5 and my version of Scrivener is 2.0.5 and I mean “Full Screen” in the “View” Menu, or in the Button up on the bar. I think I have not got any “comosition mode” in my version. More, i still see the Button in the bar and the option in the menu, but I just cannot click it anymore. Thanks for your patience.

And I don’t know the history after the release of 2.0 compared with the release of 10.7 to know when the Scrivener “Full Screen” and the Lion/Mountain Lion “Full Screen” naming problem was resolved, but it may have been after v. 2.0.5.

I would upgrade to the latest version, version 2.3.5 anyway, as it has many bugfixes and enhancements. Get it here, and don’t worry that it’s a beta … it’s completely stable in my experience (and 2.0.5 would have been a beta too, in Keith’s naming conventions).

If you do that, in the menu, near the bottom, you should find “Enter Full Screen”, which is the Lion/Mountain Lion full screen, and “Enter Composition Mode”, which is the Scrivener former full screen mode. The preferences pane has been renamed “Compose” to match.