Full Screen

Not sure if this is a bug but…

If I go full screen ^cmndF my document goes full screen as you would expect.

To get out of that and revert to ‘small’ I normally use ‘esc’ which seem to work everywhere else. However with Scriv there are three cases for this:

  1. If the insertion point (caret) is in the binder area esc doesn’t work - nothing happens and window remains full screen.

  2. If the insertion point (caret) is in the binder area AND is settled on a document/folder, it highlights the title as though inviting me to edit the doc title. Window remains full screen.

  3. If the insertion point (caret) is in the document editing window - same applies to split screen - the window will revert to small which is the desired behaviour.

As I say, not sure if this is a bug and in any event it’s a minor one but thought I’d flag it up

I get the same behaviours on my Mac.

Just an FYI (although it might already be known), CTRL CMD F works to toggle full-screen mode off and on, even when the cursor is in the binder and/or on a file/folder name.

Isn’t that expected behaviour?

Escape is used in Binder to rename items, so you (well, I…) wouldn’t want it to work differently just because you’re in Full Screen mode. Safari works the same way – if you cmd-o to open a page when you’re in full screen mode, escape closes the dialogue box, it doesn’t quit full screen.

Appreciate CTRL - CMND - F toggles full screen, but for other stuff I’ve found escape to revert back. Easier to hit one key than get your fingers around three of them.

@Brookter: Can’t say I’ve noticed that behaviour in Safari but there you go. I don’t use full screen a lot, it’s just that I’ve aquired a nice 24" display and find it works exceptionally well with Scrivener when using full screen. With that and Bookends running in the background with CMND-TAB to toggle the apps when looking to copy/paste a citation, it really does work a treat especially when using split-screen.

Completely agree. Was just pointing it out in case anyone reading the thread didn’t know.

It’s one of those things where developers have to jump one way or the other and you can see reasons for doing either. So I was trying to point out that it’s probably that, rather than a bug, that’s all.

I agree. For someone in Keith’s position allocating keyboard commands must be an absolute nightmare.

For those who want to faff around there’s always something like Keyboard Maestro, which I think - I don’t use it - will allow you to set your own keyboard commands which then map to the appropriate Scriv ones.