Full Team Support for Scrivener with Sync

When I started using Scrivener 18 months ago I was blown away by its power. I remain a happy customer. But I wished there was support for multiple authors sharing the same project. My latest novel is a collaboration with a coauthor and I really needed a tool to keep us in sync.

Since my day job is chief product office for a DevOps company, I decided to partner with a friend and build out the support.

The tool is called ScrivTeam and it is now ready for beta on Mac only. http://www.scrivteam.com If you are interested, we would welcome beta users and love feedback on how to make this even better.

Please forgive if there is a more appropriate place to post announcements such as this. I couldn’t find one.

Moved to Software & Development forum, which is the appropriate forum for non-Scrivener software.

We would appreciate it if your web materials explicitly stated that:

  • ScrivTeam has no formal connection with Scrivener or Literature & Latte.

  • Literature & Latte does not support the use of any tool other than Scrivener itself to edit Scrivener projects. ScrivTeam is entirely responsible for any data loss resulting from its use,

(To protect yourself, I would strongly advise building in a backup strategy, but that’s up to you.)


It’s a subscription, $50 a year. It’s a great think if they could make it work, but I can’t imagine taking them up on it.

Hi Katherine, thanks for your feedback! We’ve added the above lines to our website material.

Thanks! – Katherine

Since my first ever long-form collaboration might become reality naturally I’m interested in ScrivTeam. My potential co-writer owns and loves Scrivener too but we also both know that it is not made for collaborative work. It’s not impossible of course but only with a lot of caveats.

So has anyone here experience with ScrivTeam and likes to share it?

I’d also like to hear more from the developers, about development progress, obstacles, etc. (If that’s okay for Lit&Lat, that is.). The documentation on your webpage is quite sparse. And in regards to the subscription fee drmajorbob has mentioned: I did not find any price tag on your webpage.