Fullscreen issue going from Mac to Windows + 2 more

I have a Mac licence for Scrivener and am using the trial version on Windows, for the moment.
My project is in Dropbox. I move regularly between operating systems.

Issue 1. I’ve set up my fullscreen (Compose) (BTW shouldn’t it be called Compose in the Windows version too?) view to have a dark b/g and light text - inspired by the WriteMonkey software interface. When I open a Mac-authored project page in Windows fullscreen/compose, the font colour is dark, rendering it invisible. I believe I also had the same problem when opening a Win authored page on the Mac.

To be clear - I have set the font colour in fullscreen/compose to be light coloured in both my Mac and Win version of Scrivener, on a dark b/g.
In the normal Editor view, which is black text on white b/g, all is well - but opening a page in fullscreen/compose which was authored on the other OS results in black text on black b/g.

The project is fully saved/restored in Dropbox when switching OSs.

  1. I installed a new font on Windows (Courier - it only had Courier New before) and set it as the default font for the Editor in Scrivener. On creating new documents, Courier New is still the default font. (Do I need to reboot Windows after installing the font? I wouldn’t have expected to need to.)

  2. In Windows, a particular .jpg file added to my project does not display in Scrivener. It shows fine in the external editor (Windows default previewer - Windows 8) and also displays in the Mac version fine. It also resides in my Dropbox folder, but the file is fully synced. I can supply the file if that helps.


Hi Lemmy,

Sorry for the late reply here! To go through each of your points:

  1. Full screen font colour: This is due to the different handling currently of full screen colouring on each of the platforms. Windows allows you to set a default colour for the text which is used if the text does not have a text colour applied; it does not override a set colour. Because the Mac OS text system always sets the font colour to black, when you work cross platform, your edited documents have the text colour changed to black, which then makes them remain black in full screen in Windows. While we do have plans to change the way the colouring works for full screen on Windows to match the Mac override behaviour, for now you’ll need to select the text and then right-click and choose Text Color > Remove Color" to strip the black and allow the default colour to show through.

“Full screen” was the term previously used on the Mac version as well; it was changed of necessity when Apple introduced its own Full Screen mode with 10.7 (which then caused a menu conflict with Scrivener’s full screen command), but as Windows does not have the equivalent, it didn’t make sense to change the name on users.

  1. Courier is an old bitmap font; Qt, the framework Scrivener uses, doesn’t support bitmap fonts, so its defaulting to Courier New instead. Most submissions that would require Courier also accept Courier New or another newer variation like Courier Final Draft, and you should be able to use those in Scrivener’s editor without issue.

  2. Scrivener on Windows doesn’t yet support linked images as the Mac version does, but there is a bug here, which I’ve flagged for the developer, in that the linked image is getting stripped from the file when the document containing it is edited in the Windows version. Until we’re able to fix this, I’d avoid working cross-platform with projects that have linked images, since Windows doesn’t currently give any indication of the image’s existence in the text (though you might see a white space that would clue you, if you’re on the alert). You can choose to import the images while in the Mac version, or just shy away from editing the documents containing the images, if they are limited and you know with certainty which they are.

If I’ve just misunderstood the scenario and the image isn’t linked to an external file (that is, wasn’t added via Insert > Image Linked to File), then some additional details here would be helpful. Are you unable to insert the .jpg into a document in a new blank project created on Windows?

Thanks for the response.

Picking up on a few points. I understand why fullscreen was changed on the Mac side, but I still do think it would be useful and probably time saving for you, support-wise, to have consistent terminology across platforms. But I’ll leave that up to you.

Unfortunately Courier New is rendering quite horribly on the Mac here, white on black, but Courier is fine, hence my attempt to set Courier as the default. I will look at other options.

The images were added just by right-clicking on a folder and choosing Add->File. I’m not sure that the bug you’re describing is the one I have, because I have two images in my project added in this way, and only one of them doesn’t display (in Windows, it’s OK on Mac) - the other is fine across platforms.
This is quite an important part of my workflow as I scribble ideas on my phone with a stylus and they are exported as images - these and other phone-captured images are the images I would like to collect in a folder in my project.

One other thing. I don’t think you should underestimate the look of the software to influence a feeling of productivity or creativity. I like the customisable layout options for full-screen writing in Scrivener, but in Windows, the pop up menu at the bottom feels much too big and ugly for me. That kind of thing puts me off. I wish it didn’t, but there you go. It would be great if you could take another look at it.