Fullscreen Issues/Questions [NOTED]

I’ve been experiencing a number of crashes in the 1.6 Beta that always seem to occur when switching in or out of full screen mode. They don’t happen every time, but frequently enough to be bothersome. I’m using Windows 7 64 bit.

Another question related to full screen is that frankly I do not understand why it puts the text into a left justified column when I go to full screen… but then if I adjust the width of the page, the text spans the rest of the screen. And I see no way to get it back to the way it was before. Shouldn’t there be an easy way to turn the justified column setting off and on? Am I just missing it?

Otherwise, great build guys. I’m much more productive now than I was on MS Word!

There are still a number of crashing bugs outstanding with full screen so the fact that it’s crashing doesn’t surprise me. However, the column bug with full screen should have been fixed. It’s a bug that I can reproduce, but I’ll re-open the bug for it since you are obviously experiencing it.