Fullscreen Typewriter Scrolling

I cannot disable typewriter scrolling in fullscreen mode. This makes fullscreen absolutely unusable for editing. I have tried Tools > Options > Editor > untick “Fullscreen typewriter scrolling in new projects”. (I want to disable it in my current project!). I have tried going into fullscreen mode and doing Cntl+T (it just tabs the current paragraph) and Cntl-G (it doesn’t do anything).

It really subtracts about 60% of Scriveners worth if I can’t disable fullscreen typewriter scrolling.

Has anyone been able to do it?

The shortcut to toggle typewriter scrolling is Ctrl+G,Ctrl+T–the whole thing. You should be able to do it by pressing and holding Ctrl then typing G and T one after the other, keeping Ctrl depressed.

As it states, the preference option you set will disable typewriter scrolling in new projects you create from this point forward, but since TW scrolling can be toggled per editor in any project, it just affects the default settings in a new project–for existing projects therefore you’ll need to use the shortcut while in full screen to turn it off.

Jennifer, THANKS!