Fullscreen widgets?

I live in Fullscreen mode, and never want to leave it LOL. I was wondering – is there any way you could integrate Apple widgets or Yahoo widgets or whatever so that one could have them appear on the sides of fullscreen mode? This would be great for reference, playing videos, music, enhancing the space with photos, etc.

I’m sure this would take heavy lifting code-wise, but a man can dream, can’t he?

PS Also, while I’m being greedy and dreaming, I’d love fullscreen rich templates that mimic certain writing environments, from typewriters or papyrus paper, to moving backgrounds (nature scenes with flying birds, waterfalls, whatever)… just integrate Flash and create a series of specs for third party people to follow. Then you’d immeasurably enhance an already fabulous app. =)

Blimey. :slight_smile:

I think widgets only work with Dashboard and so on - full screen is really just a very large window that covers the screen, so it would be no different from having widgets over a normal window (in theory). So if you can put widgets over normal windows, they should work in full screen… Otherwise I’m not sure.

I think for most writers, moving backgrounds in the supposedly “distraction-free” full screen mode might defeat the object. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

OS X can display selective Dashboard widgets in your normal working area, but this means they’ll remain on top of all open applications until you individually dismiss them, as if they’re halfway between being in the Dashboard and being normal applications. Therefore, this only becomes practical if you only have a small number of them and if you’re only using one applications at a time, or at least don’t mind moving your widgets around to suit your workspace for each application.

First get into Terminal and type this line and press return:

defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES

Then type the line below, and press return:

killall Dock

Then press whatever key you’ve set to activate Dashboard while you’re in full screen mode. All your active widgets will appear. Click, drag and then hold a widget you want to transfer to the desktop, and before releasing it, press the Dashboard activation key again. Release your mouse button. Your widget should now appear on top of all your windows. To send it back to the Dashboard, do the reverse – click, drag, hold, activate Dashboard, then let go.