Fullview Page Import Texture


About 5 years ago I purchased Scrivener & made a suggestion for the Fullview texture for a more enjoyable writing experience. My suggestion seemed to be well received but years have passed & there’s no change. Maybe it was forgotten? I dunno.

I had suggested that they’d be able to let us add a graphic for the Fullview page instead of a default colour. I will say I really like that we can change the colour from an eye-straining white to whatever colour we need, but I was (and still am) hoping we could import an image for the page instead.

In my case, I’d love to be able to import a stock image of old weathered parchment, so that it really felt like I was typing…err, writing on parchment. And when I write a different story, I could change the theme again.

As it is, I can change the background borders to parchment, but not the page. Nor can I make the page area invisible (also would be nice) to show the background.

So I’m posting once more, hoping that maybe the developers will include it in a future (hopefully within another 5 years) patch. It just seems like such a wonderful idea that would make many of my fellow writers happy, not just me.

Thank you for your time! Cheers^^

Oh yes, we still intend to implement this! It’s just that in the grand scheme of things it is a casualty of not being super high on a to-do list that is years long. It took, for perspective, about that long for this feature to get added to the Mac version, too. :slight_smile:

In better news, you can make the page invisible or semi-transparent by adjusting its Alpha channel setting in the colour palette. 0 to 255 ranges from fully transparent to opaque.