Functionality Priority Roadmap!!!

Hi there,

I’m an old user of Scrivener since V2 and I still miss an important function for others whose English language isn’t the first one. I’m Brazilian and although I love writing most of my articles in english I can’t live without my Grammarly App to help me out during my researches.

I went over most of the posts here related to this subject but they are from months ago and seems not getting into a real result that integrates fine with Scrivener. Why is so difficult to add Grammarly in future releases? They are open to help (I asked them about it). In my opnion is a tremendeous function that benefits lots of foreigners when editing and correcting our english grammar.

Please, consider this request as priority to turn Scrivener into a definetely power writing tool.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not really sure what is required on our part to add Grammarly support, but bear in mind that I’m a single programmer with many demands, so it is not possible to prioritise everything. Moreover, any time we add support for one particular service, ten other services contact us wanting equal support. :slight_smile:

If you have more information on exactly what is required, let me know.

All the best,

Grammary support is top of my list of wishes for Scrivener–but I also imagine this would be tough to support. I think Grammary relies on having a browser-like DOM for most cases, which is a whole other can of worms. There are bespoke plugins for Office (and even then, only on Windows), but looks like it’s a Grammary-created addon rather than via MicroSoft, so it’d be something Grammarly would have to write, not Keith (assuming there was even a plugin mechansim).

It would be nice if Scrivener (4? :smiley:) had a pluging mechanism / JavaScript API, then the community could help with some of the development heavy lifting (talking of cans of worms…)

I can dream!

Take a look at ProWritingAid. It does everything you want with a minimum of fuss and bother.

It does not work within the Scrivener shell. It is a separate app, but it reads Scrivener files directly. So the workflow looks like this:

  • Write something in Scrivener
  • Save your work and close the Project
  • Open the file with ProWritingAid
  • Make your changes
  • Save them
  • Re-open your file with Scrivener

It would be nice if Grammarly or ProWritingAid worked as an extension of the Scrivener environment. It would be handy to work within a single app. But I’m going to guess that would be a major development effort. The expense would be hard to justify for Scrivener’s developer.

Has anyone looked at Antidote?

I noticed it discussed in the Windows forum and it was mentioned it integrates with Mac Scrivener.

I’ve checked their web site and the integration with Scrivener looks interesting.
Unfortunately it doesn’t look as though they have a trial version, so looking for any feedback before jumping into that.