Fuzzy Text

I have installed Scrivener on my new laptop after successfully using it on my previous laptop. Both are running Windows 10 but on my new laptop the text is fuzzy and will make it too uncomfortable to use. How can I fix this please?

There are a couple of posts that relate to this. But I found another solution. Windows 10 (and maybe 7 & 8 as well) do something a bit different with the higher resolution screens. It scales the program, meaning it attempts to make it look bigger (even though it probably doesn’t need to).

Try this:

  • In the Start Menu, type Scrivener. The program menu item should come up.
  • Right-click, and hit Open File Location. This will open the file manager, and the location of the Shortcut to the real program.
  • Right-click on Scrivener (not Uninstall Scrivener) and pick Properties (should be at the bottom)
  • Pick the Compatibility tab (3rd from the left)
  • In the lowest section (Settings) there are 3 checkboxes at the bottom. The middle is named “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”. This is what you want to be checked. But, most likely it is grayed out.
  • The next part REQUIRES that you have Administrator access. You might need to get help with this if you don’t.
  • Pick the bottom button: Change settings for all users. Click it.
  • The settings menu will be brought up again, but you will have more access. Click the checkbox beside the high DPI option, and then hit OK. Hit OK again to close the Properties.

The next time you run Scrivener, it should be clear. You might need to zoom in on your document. And some of the menu options will be smaller. But it won’t be fuzzy.

Hope this helps!