Garbled Text when Compiling using Manuscript (Courier)

First, I apologize if this has been posted or it’s a known bug. I’ve done a bit of searching, but haven’t seen this mentioned.

When I compile a document to PDF using the Manuscript (Courier) preset, the text is readable on the title page, but every page after that looks like a collection of garbled control codes as opposed to readable text. The default header on the first page that should display LAST NAME/SHORT TITLE/PAGE # looks as follows:

The rest of the document is similar. The first page, in the Times preset, is perfectly readable, but in the Courier preset, it begins as follows:

If you are using Courier Prime, try removing(move into a different folder) the system Courier Prime fonts from the Windows/Fonts folder. Scrivener comes with Courier Prime in its installation folder. Restart Scrivener and recompile again. Hopefully the PDF contents will be as expected this time.

If this helps install the Courier Prime fonts from the Scrivener installation folder.